Design Competition

“All Greenhouse Designs” are submitted and are “NOW” under review by our Judges!

The global response was overwhelming! Designers entered from as far away as Denmark, Greece, Italy and Asia as well as from our own region.

Listen to Lauri Strauss and Fawn Clark members of  SnoLeaf, during an interview with KSER 90.7Fm Community Radio for “Seein Green”.  Why a Greenhouse Competition?? Click the player below

Our big “Green” Green House Design Competition – the first of its kind- was developed to inspire new designs and ideas for the future of Snohomish County and the growing demand for fresh, locally grown produce. Green Houses are needed to extend and enhance the local growing season, plus protect crops during the wet season and increase the variety of crops grown. New designs and ideas are needed for green houses to function more sustainably, using fewer resources while producing a higher yield.

Our design criterion establishes that the greenhouse be modular, adaptable and accessible, strictly following those set by *“The Living Building Challenge” (please see notes).  The size and types of spaces within the green house will include, but not be limited to, planting areas, growing areas, loading and unloading, restrooms and meeting space. Food grown benefits the community, food growers and Food Bank Farms.

Phase One of the competition opens Saturday, November 16th, 2012. Design packets will be available through our website, and promoted extensively in the Puget Sound region to professional trade associations, environmental groups, high schools, community colleges, universities and the local chapter of AIA, in addition to members of Cascadia, a branch of USGBC. Competition ends March 31, 2013. A distinguished, diverse panel of judges will review submissions to determine the winners. The winning design will be announced at the Living Future Conference in Seattle May 15 thru 17, 2013. Prizes are $7,500 for 1st Place, $3,500 for 2nd Place, and $1,500 for 3rd Place. Phase Two, if a site is selected, and the partners and sponsors decide to construct the greenhouse, will commence with construction in Summer/Fall of 2013.

There are countless examples of industry leaders who have chosen to incorporate sustainability into their core business practices, forward-looking companies that are investing in the future. This investment makes a difference. Plus it pays infinite dividends to the companies, their customers, employees, and the community.

Take your place among the community’s leaders, and grow with us!

Boldness has Genius in it, begin it now – Goethe

* The Living Building Challenge is the highest standard of green building in the world today (using net zero energy, water and waste).  It is at once a metric for constructing green buildings and a means through which to transform the industry.  See for more information.