“All Greenhouse Designs” are submitted and are “NOW” under review by our Judges!

What: A design competition calling for original greenhouse designs that meet the needs of food growers in the North Puget Sound bio region and meet the Living Building Challenge. Our design criterion establishes that the greenhouse be modular, adaptable and accessible, strictly following the criteria set by *“The Living Building Challenge. The size and types of spaces within the green house will include, but not be limited to, planting areas, growing areas, loading and unloading, restrooms and meeting space. Food grown benefits the community, food growers and Food Bank Farms.

Listen to Lauri Strauss and Fawn Clark members of  SnoLeaf, during an interview with KSER 90.7Fm Community Radio for  “Seein Green”.  Who should enter the BIG “green”  Greenhouse Competition?? Click the player below.

Who: Who’s eligible: Greenhouse operators and designers worldwide – professionals and students.

Prize: Cash Prizes $7,500 first prize $3,500 second place $1,500 3rd place

How: Registered teams and individual will conceive and design a greenhouse under the “program guidelines”. (see here: http://living-future.org/cascadia/snoleaf)

Judging Criteria: Greenhouse Design will be measured by how well the design meets the Living Building Challenge, and how it enhances crop production and the needs of a food growers and food bank farms in the North Puget Sound Bioregion.

“Registration Now Closed” Submital Due March 31st. Good Luck to All!

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